Our daily life in Mikros Dounias

We play ...

Play holistically involves body and soul, bringing balance and harmony and promoting action instead of passivity. It cultivates spontaneity, creativity and imagination. During play, unexpected events occur; the players need come up with creative solutions in order to address them. Moreover, the relationships among payers are constantly challenged, allowing them to gradually build trust in themselves and in others.

Play is a step out of ordinary life and into a temporary sphere of activity. A step into another reality with different functions & effects - less binding, more open, more free. We wish for children to spend as many hours per day as possible in this serious yet unserious, real yet unreal world.

... and learn ...

For us, learning is connected to mind, body and soul and happens with all senses; it takes place throughout the day on many different levels. We strongly believe that everyone can learn from each other, regardless of age.

Children have an inherent curiosity; we want this curiosity to develop strong roots and to bloom. Learning in Mikros Dounias is based on action, experience and exploration. We try to always have an eye and an ear open, in order to understand what each child wants to learn and to support him/her in this research. The collective dimension of learning derives automatically, as the learning needs and ideas of each child inspire his/her companions.

…in nature

Contact to nature plays a central role in one's well-being and development. We believe that children need to be able to move, play, observe and explore in nature throughout the year (according to the people of the Nordic countries, there is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothes!). By constantly being in contact with the natural environment, children learn to understand & trust it; to respect & love it; to live in harmony with it or with harmony in it.


In Greek and in English, with respect to all mother languages
In Mikros Dounias, we mainly speak Greek and English. At the same time, we try to incorporate the mother languages that the children & families bring with them in our daily life. Communication in more than one language, including the body tongue and fantastic languages, enriches our everyday life and broadens our perception of the world.

Freedom of choice & the right to participate

In Mikros Dounias, we try to provide the children with a frame where they can satisfy their needs. We believe that children are capable of recognizing their own needs; the process of fulfilling them starts from each child and is supported by fellow children, educators and parents. 

During the day in Mikros Dounias, children are free to choose where they want to be, if they want to participate in offered activities, when they want to play or rest. No lack in team spirit is observed due to the latter: children collaborate effectively when they want or need to and not when they have to.

We believe that children need to have the right and means to influence all aspects of their lives. That's why we do our best to support them in expressing their opinions and in fulfilling their wishes.

Feeling of safety. Being seen, listened to and respected.

We want to create an environment, where each child feels safe; a community, in which each child experiences the feeling of belonging. We believe that the latter can be experienced in a friendly, understanding environment, where stable and close human relationships flourish. We do our best to welcome each child with love and warmth and to help him/her feel confident and secure. We are committed to respecting the identity, biorhythm, skills, rights and needs of each individual. 

Equality & inclusion

Mikros Dounias actively opposes any form of discrimination. All together, we ensure that each child and his/her family are respected in their diversity, regardless of age, gender, abilities, nationality, etc. Thus, we come closer to one of our main goals: To support each person in building trust in themselves and in their personal, linguistic and cultural identity.