Mikros Dounias Non-Profit Association

Τhe Non-Profit Association for the Promotion of Culture and Environmental Awareness 'Mikros Dounias' was founded in September 2017.

Some of its main aims is to contribute to:

- the promotion and introduction of innovative pedagogical practices
in the Greek educational system, especially in the fields of
intercultural education, experiential learning and outdoor pedagogy.

- the harmonious coexistence between locals & refugees* on Lesvos

Since then, Mikros Dounias has been organizing:

Α. A pedagogical program for children of preschool age.

B. A variety of activities for children and adults.

C. Networking & diffusion of methodological tools.

* For reasons of word economy and ease of reading, we refer to the populations moving through Lesvos, refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers with the term "refugees".